Uribags are great at home and away.

Use one and pee while standing if you find it uncomfortable or not possible to use a regular toilet due to knee, hip, muscle, or bone limitations.

Uribags are designed to be discreetly used where privacy is limited. Easily used in your car, in doorways, at work stations or almost anywhere you can turn your back.


Uribag F


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Uribag Portable Urinal (F)

Female Urinary Device FUD Urin8

Instructions for Uribag F

1. First remove the cap/plug by twisting and pulling it away from the tube, and only then slide/push the latex bag downward from the top of the tube.

2. To avoid accidental spillage hold the Urban F by the plastic tube with one hand (not the bag) until after you have replaced the cap and plug.

3. After use, your Uribag should be rinsed preferably with hot water, and occasionally with soapy water.

4. Once the Uribag has been emptied and rinsed, re-position the cap by turning it 1/4 turn and push the air out of the bag.

5.  Push the latex bag upward into the tube.

6.  Turn the cap back 1/4 turn and close the leakproof cover with a click.

Uribag M


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Uribag Portable Urinal (M)

portable male urinary device by urin8 uribag

Instructions for Uribag M

1. First remove cap before pushing/sliding the latex bag downward through the tube. 

2. After use, Uribag should be rinsed, preferably with hot water and occasionally with soapy water. 

3. Once emptied and cleaned, the latex bag should be slid back into the tube before the leakproof cap is replaced.

Important information about Uribags

If you will not be using your Uribag for a longer period of time, you should ensure that the inside of the latex bag is dry.

For reasons of hygiene, you are advised to keep your Uribag strictly for your own personal use.

Uribags should not be exposed to ultraviolet light (daylight/sunlight) or oily substances if possible.

Do not allow your Uribag to come into contact with sharp objects. Avoid contact with chemical agents and/or greasy substances.

Uribag holds a maximum of 1200 cc.

Your Uribag liner is made of latex, a 100% natural product. When used frequently wear will occur sooner.

People with hypersensitivity to latex should avoid using Uribags.

“It sure beats the alternative if I couldn’t find a bathroom!”

Uribag, there when you need us.

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