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Winner of the ID-NL Annual Award for

Best Dutch Invention!


Portable Urinals

Discreet. Compact. Reliable. Reusable.



Uribag’s lightweight & compact reservoir makes it easy to bring along whether its on hikes, festivals, or daily commutes.


Uribag‘s durable and secure design makes it the ideal solution for remote or unhygienic locations where a portable urinal may be needed.


Uribags have over 10 years of testing worldwide, and have stood up against even the toughest conditions.


“I’ve used Uribags for years and am very satisfied. I use a wheelchair to get around and often have difficulty finding an accessible restroom or using the facilities when I find one. I always carry a Uribag incase I need it. I am surprised that rehab facilities still send patients out with those old plastic ‘jug’ style urinals.”


“I took the Uribag with me on a recent backpacking/canoe trip in Canada. It’s a fantastic product. No more getting out of the tent in the dark to relieve yourself. It’s very well made and worth the cost. The attached snap-on cap seals tight. You can trust it.”


“I keep Uribag in my glove compartments for those times when urgency calls. Folded up they take up very little room, they’re easy to use, and hold a lot of liquid. It sure beats the alternative if I were to be late finding a bathroom!”


“I bought Uribag to take on backpacking trips. Since I drink so much water to keep hydrated and avoid headaches I end up needing to urinate at least once during the night. If it’s raining or cold it’s no fun getting out of the tent to answer nature’s call. Lightweight, compact, discrete, easy to use, and durable.”



male and female portable urinary devices by urin8 uribag


Convenience. Peace of Mind. Health. Comfort.

Uribags are used around the world, every day, by anyone, for everyone.


Uribag boasts its flexibility as the urinal you can use while seated, or laying down.

Crowded festivals with backed up lavatories, pregnant women in unsanitary conditions, kayak and boat trips, truck drivers embarking on long journeys, remote locations with uncomfortable or cold terrain, pilots or helmsmen who cannot leave their station…the list goes on.

When travelling great distances, when leaving your position is not an option, or when a washroom simply isn’t available, Uribag is the ideal solution. Uribag fits conveniently into a glovebox, purse, or pocket. Convenient for any sort of travel. Freedom, comfort, and convenience.

Ideal for

  • Truck drivers
  • Security guards & Military
  • Travellers

Wherever you find long washroom lineups, unsanitary conditions, lack of availability, or just want a convenient answer to natures call, think Uribag. With our compact design it is easy to relieve pressure, and prevent health problems, or accidents, anywhere.

Ideal for:

  • Festival goers
  • Outdoors people
  • World travellers

Sometimes nature calls in uncomfortable or unaccommodating conditions, and when she does you’ll want to be prepared. With a Uribag you’ll never have to worry about accessibility again. This portable urinal allows anyone to relieve themself comfortably and easily, whatever the scenario.

Ideal for:

  • Winter activities
  • Boating enthusiasts
  • Anyone.

First-hand experiences

Read success stories from customers where a Uribag saved the day.

     Tested globally for more than a decade Uribag has proven it’s worth so many times during tenting in poor weather, climbing and summiting peaks, attending over crowded festivals and outdoor sporting events, kayaking or canoeing, flying, stuck in traffic or enjoying exotic but primitive destinations.

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